Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Past

Just thought before we went out for our festivities I would post some pics of Halloween Past.

2006: Craig 2 and Trent 4


2007: Craig 3 and Trent 5



2008: Craig 4 and Trent 6

Picture a Day/A week in the life

Ali Edwards is one of the most brilliant minds I have "met" in this vast world of scrapbookers. She has come up with two challenges that I will be taking part in. One of which is Picture A Day. She did Self-Portrait but, because of certain complaints saying I already take too many pictures of myself (thanks Mom), I will not be doing that. Instead I will be posting one picture a day that will sum up what that day was about. So yes, mom that probably means daily pictures of the kids but, it might also be a picture from their view since they pretty much rule my daily schedule. I will start this Nov. 1st and go through to October 31st, 2009.
The other challenge she has is to do a mini-album that documents a week in your life. You take a series of photos throughout your day everyday for one week. You can find out more about this here:
Now I won't post all those photos here as that would be way too much but, I will post my favorite photo each day. I will be starting on Sunday and going through next Saturday. Should be interesting to see where this takes me and what I learn.
I am also doing one challenge that I am challenging myself too. A gratitude journal of sorts. I promise myself that I will post at least 3 things I am thankful for everyday for the month of November. Should be interesting to see where this all takes me.

Farmer Dewberry

Hello! I just wanted to say that we had a FANTASTIC time on the farm and will be making this an annual tradition for sure! I have been busy busy this week but, this weekend I will post more pictures and more on our farm adventures! You have made the perfect place for me to set my monsters..sorry little children free for a while!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Adventures

Why is it that, when you have young kids, Halloween seems to last 3 weeks long?? Last weekend weekend we went to Dewberry Farm to see the Haunted Pumpkin Trail, this past weekend we went to the Rosenberg BOOberg festival and the YMCA Fall Festival, and this coming weekend is the Halloween Carnival at the Firehouse and Pajama Party at the Rosenberg Train Museum! The boys are having tons of fun though. Saturday, we went to BOOberg at the Rosenberg Train Museum. Craig loved the heck out of that because it was all about trains! They played games, got way too much candy, and saw the biggest model train I have ever seen! On Sunday, we went to the YMCA Fall Festival. We go every year and this year didn't disappoint. They got to play your typical carnival games like knock down the milk bottles, throw the ring on the soda bottle, and a cake walk. But, also games like musical chairs and a bounce house!

OH MY LORD IT IS COLD HERE!!!!!PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
It was seriously 35 degrees when Trent went to school this morning! 35 DEGREES...THATS JANUARY HERE IN TEXAS!! I believe if it's going to be this freakin cold it should at least snow so we can enjoy it! K rant over...thanks....

I need to clean the back of the living room today and the kitchen. Wash some clothes and organize my scrap table. PhotobucketPhotobucket I have been sneezing and dozing on the couch all morning. Don't wanna get up when it's cold!PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

I need to call the Railroad museum this morning. When we went to the festival on Saturday there was a guy taking pictures and he took TONS of my boys and I want to know where I can either A get a copy of them or B see them. I also need to call my sons school and find out about Cub Scouts...he really wants to join. I can make those phone calls from the couch right??

If you've made it this far here are a few pics to tide you over!




Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A New Day and a New Post

Several people (hi mom) have told me that I should probably start actually USING this blog I have. Here goes.

Today should be very interesting. Craig has developed his 3rd imaginary friend (for those keeping count they are: Norman, Jamesas (James and Thomas put together), and this new friend has no name). Craig has decided they are going to the park today and will call me when they need to come home. So I'm waiting on that phone call.
The electricity seems to be working better now. Darn. I was enjoying the break from PBS. I can not believe we only have 9 days until Halloween. Didn't my birthday just pass?? It is never ending planning here. Birthdays, then Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, then the Birthdays seem to show up again. I remember when I was a kid it took 5 years for Christmas to come after my it takes about 8 hours. I had really hoped on getting some crafting done this weekend...I am making calendars for my grandma and my mom (thats not the main present so I can say it here). However, it seems this weekend an announcement was made that if you want to have a fall carnival you must do it this weekend. On Saturday we're going to one at the Railroad Museum. Then on Sunday the YMCA is having their fall festival. The kids always love going to that and we end up spending way too much time there. Monday should be interesting come school time! Well I guess that's it for today. Hope everyone is having a fantabulous day!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Cookies

One of the things my friends love is to share my cookie recipes. Since the holiday season is starting I thought I'd start sharing some of those recipes here. Here is the first one perfect for Halloween. I have to credit my good friend Robbie for giving me this one! So easy the kids could make this with just a little help!



The boys and I went to Dewberry Farm this past weekend! They had a fabulous time...they were in their true element. They could run and climb and throw hay and roll in sand. Just be boys! I got a bunch of pictures and here are a few. I will be making a slideshow tonight to show the rest of them off!

Mom and Dad

Pumpkin Boys

Mom getting in on the fun

Halloween Pumpkins

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Halloween Treat Box

I made this tonight using my new All Seasons Paper Pack and this tutorial:

Incredibly easy and quick! The hardest part was threading the ribbon through the eyelets. Seriously anyone can do this!