Friday, February 20, 2009

Fried Ham! Fried Ham! Cheese! and Bologna!

OK tell me that some of you are also old enough to remember this rhyme from summer camp or various church events?? If you don't ( I don't know what kind of world you grew up in then, it must not have been much fun!), it went like this: "Fried ham, fried ham, cheese and bologna and after the macaroni we'll have onions, pickles and lettuce, and then we'll have some more fried ham! Fried Ham! Fried Ham!" then. Oh my then. Then you would say "second verse (or third, fourth, etc...) same as the first ________ style and a whole lot worse!" and do it in various styles. For instance, you could do "underwater style" and chant the whole thing while jiggling your lips with your finger to sound like your underwater. I would post a tutorial video but, I do not hate myself that much...just try'll get it. ANYWAYS! We used to chant this at almost every summer camp I went to...I grew up with a single mom and I went to A LOT of summer camps...I loved summer...and camps...and summer camp chants. Anyways! I'm getting off topic again. We would do this chant in various styles (underwater, cheerleader, preppy, monster, mom style *this was the'd put your hand on your hip and shake your pointer finger like you were lecturing someone*, etc...) I had a point to this. Oh yeah. So this was my favorite thing about summer camp. And then, I grew up, had kids, and now I'm a weirdo if I try to go to summer camp. So next best thing! I'll teach it to my kids and it will be so much fun! We can do microwave marshmallows, camp in the living room, sing songs, and I can teach them this chant! (Remember earlier when I said I do not hate myself? I was so very, very wrong. I am very masochistic.) Well we were out of marshmallows, the boys couldn't quit fighting over the pillows, and they didn't like my songs. HOWEVER, they LOVED my chant just as much as I thought they would. Yay me, right? WRONG! This was a few weeks ago. My youngest son Craig, he's my spirited one, he feels the need to bust out in this chant at any moment he sees fit. It was very adorable for a few days. Now I'm wishing I had never heard this rhyme. Especially when today, I'm trying to do yoga, and I'm in the triangle pose and he comes up and uses his finger to do underwater style on me. Oh My Lord. That pose is so hard to do in the first place. Much less come tumbling out of because your child has made you laugh so hard you think you're going to pee. I love this child to death but, sometimes I don't know whether to yell at him or give him a great big hug.
In other child news, Trent has fully recovered from his swing incident and has full plans to try it again minus the emergency room visit. Oh and for future reference, when such an incident occurs and he misses 3 days of school, when he returns to school, plan on going up there with him. Especially if he is a chubby cheeked short kid who is the teacher's pet of every teacher in the school including the ones who don't teach him. They will all want to see him and make sure he's OK.
Well child #1 is thinking now's a good time for a nap and I'm thinking no so I need to go wake him up. Cheerio!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Swing = 1, Trent = 0

If you know my family at all you know that Trent is my clumsy child. He got my distinct sense of balance (or lack there of). Let's just put it this way...if he comes at you with his fists're should worry about him though. Well yesterday the boy woke up with amnesia or something. Forgot who he was and thought he was Clark Kent and turned into Superman at recess. I can't blame him though...I tried to defy my clumsiness when I was a kid too (have the scares to prove it). Well here he was swinging along at recess going higher and higher...then his friend yells "Trent it's time to jump!". Without even stopping to consider this (I got the full story through tears of laughter from his teacher) he does just that and jumps off at full height. Falling, falling down to the ground. Oh but, don't worry...he's alright...nothing broken...his face broke the fall. So now the boy looks like he talked smack to the wrong person. Well he was trying to be all Superman about it and didn't tell anyone just how much pain he was in, until he got home to mommy that is. When he got here he spent the rest of the night curled into mom's side complaining about a headache and a stomachache. I didn't think anything of the stomachache because he gets those alot. Gave him tylenol for the headache and sent him to bed. Well he wakes up at 5 AM this morning complaining that it hurts to lay on his stomach and to touch it. I look at his belly and he has a huge red spot and what looks like the starting of a bruise. I let him stay home because he was in so much pain and he's asleep now. When he wakes up I'll check it again and see whats going on with it. If it's worse we'll probably run him in for some scans to see if it's something serious. I don't think it's a stomach bug because he ate dinner last night as usual, this seems to be pain and not an upset stomach. Well he's awake now so I'm gonna go check on him. I'll post more later.

Monday, February 2, 2009

26 Things To Do

OK with my mommy's birthday being today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!) the countdown begins until I get my day in the spotlight. I was browsing through blogs today and one of my friends had a very interesting idea. The past 3 years she has posted a list of ___ things to do before i turn ___. Each changed with her age. I decided to take heed with this and make my own list so here goes:

1. Establish a personal style.
2. Break out of my shell.
3. Dance in the rain.
4. Get a job.
5. Drive.
6. Dance in public WITHOUT worrying about onlookers.
7. Wear a bathing suit to the beach.
8. Apologize for the past and then GET OVER IT.
9. Let go.
10. Bake a pie from scratch.
11. Schedule a girls night with no boys allowed.
12. Go on a museum district tour.
13. Make art.
14. Live without fear. Quit waiting for the shoe to drop.
15. See myself as beautiful.
16. Sing karaoke.
17. Smile more.
18. Learn more photography skills.
19. Take a cooking class.
20. Learn to hulahoop and do a cartwheel.
21. Ride a bike.
22. Run 3 miles.
23. Listen to 4 cds by artists I've never listened to before.
24. Keep a journal.
25. Read 10 books.
26. Go to Kemah.

What are your lists? Mom, what are your 45 things to do before you turn 45? ;)